In this era where a lot of people spend a good chunk of their time on the internet, social media has become an integral part of the modern world. Subsequently, entrepreneurs are now using digital marketing to reach their clients. From entrepreneurs to corporations like Trade Kings, everyone is rushing to tweet and use Facebook. But what is all this buzz about anyway?

Digital marketing can be an intimidating prospect. Facebook, Twitter, websites, WhatsApp, email, blogs – there’s a lot to consider. So here’s why you need digital marketing.


Traditional marketing campaigns, including print and television, are more costly because of pricey resources and the difficulty of tracking results. Digital marketing uses targeted research and analytics to quickly determine which approaches are working well and which aren’t worth the cost or resources. So, most digital marketing channels tend to be less costly from the start and prevent overspending on under-performing campaigns.


Digital marketing closes much of the gap between large, medium, and small companies because it avails each level with many of the same resources. While big companies with larger budgets will be able to spend more on paid or sponsored adverts and advanced softwares, digital marketing gives small businesses more opportunities to compete, improve brand awareness, and build an audience.


Many people in Zambia do not own a computer. Mobile marketing opens up a whole world of opportunities for increased engagement, from creating a more personalized user experience to reaching new users. According to Global Web Index, more than 80% of internet users own a smartphone, and 90% of the time spent on their smartphone is devoted to applications. Digital marketing allows you to reach users in their most native environment, from email and social media advertisement to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to branded applications. 


In this age of information overload, consumers expect personalized attention. Digital marketing eliminates the old “one size fits all” approach to marketing by giving companies better insight into segmentation. Using results from customer behaviour tracking to personalize outreach creates the ideal customer experience. A better customer experience means increased trustworthiness and loyalty, more closed accounts, and a growing team of brand advocates.


Measuring digital analytics helps companies make informed decisions about where to invest their resources, improving efficiency. Gathering numbers for traditional marketing channels is a manual process, while most digital platforms, including social media and marketing automation, have built-in analytics dashboards with all of the data automatically available. View reports on dashboards for easy visuals, and map the customer journey, measuring performance metrics at each step.

The digital environment is constantly changing. If you’re quick and determined, your small business will get the best out of it. So to make the most out of digital marketing; Stay active!