Your content promotion should be selected with these 5 steps or guidelines in mind.

1. Publish to the right Audience

First of all you need to know your audience and publish your content to your selected audience. That means knowing a bit about your community’s demographics, cultural values, interests and behavior. Make the content relevant to your audience; know what kind of content they are interested in. One way of knowing if you are publishing to the right audience is by checking your organic results before promoting.

2. Publish the Right Quality Content

Your content needs to be of relevant quality for the selected audience. Great content is the cornerstone of any successful social media strategy. If your content includes value for your customers, the likelihood of sharing, liking and engaging will increase. Focus on value and feel-good content for your audience. If your content creates that feel-good emotion with your audience, that type of content tends to be shared more. Putting money behind poor quality posts can lead to increased costs end can even generate negative feedback.

3. Consider Frequency and Timing

Frequency and timing are both important factors. Frequency is mostly determined by the amount you wish to spend on boosting your content and if all factors are correctly set up, the frequency will eventually determine the overall success of your promotion. Timing can be important as well. Publish at the optimal time by knowing your audience’s behavior, when they are on holidays and monitor engagement.

4. Know your Objective

Know the objectives for your ads. All your promotional activity needs to lead up to a goal and each ad therefore needs to make a relevant contribution to your objectives. By correctly placing ads according to objectives (and not just boosting them), you are more likely to actually reach your goals and use your budget more efficiently. This takes longer time than boosting but can save you money and increase the efficiency of your content promotion.

5. Be Consistent

Do your content promotion on regular basis. Regular basis doesn’t necessarily mean posting daily or 3-5 times a week, it can be anywhere from 2-4 posts per month to 3-5 posts per day, depending on your audience and your objectives. Correct consistency will eventually get you to you where you want to be and the higher the frequency, relevancy and quality; the faster you will get there.

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